Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation, Version 2.0 PHARM-OP 7 - Product Handling, Storage, and Inventory

The Basics

This standard requires the implementation of P&Ps for handling, storing, and inventorying drugs. The P&P must address:

  • proper temperature;
  • accountability and security of inventory;
  • controlled substances management;
  • ensuring stability and usability of drugs;
  • hazardous materials handling, storage, and disposal; and
  • compliance with applicable regulations.

Management Tips

In addition to a comprehensive drug handling, storage, and inventory P&P, URAC will expect thorough documentation of compliance with that P&P in the form of logs and reports. Periodic auditing of those logs and reports will help to assure compliance with your P&Ps on this subject.

URAC Accreditation Tips

Two of the elements of this standard (management of controlled substances and hazardous materials) are mandatory elements; the remaining are weighted 4.

For the desktop review, submit both your applicable P&Ps and sample logs and reports.

The onsite reviewer will examine recent logs and reports and interview the members of the pharmacy staff in charge of inventory management.