Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD, founded Integral Healthcare Solutions, LLC, in January 2002, as an accreditation and compliance consulting firm. 

As the former Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of URAC, he had developed a deep understanding of the world of healthcare accreditation, an understanding he wanted to bring to healthcare organizations applying for accreditation. Already an expert in healthcare compliance from his previous work in managed care and insurance regulation, Dr. Goddard had a vision of IHS as a first-in-class consulting firm that could address both accreditation and compliance needs of IHS's clients.

In the years since its founding, more top-drawer accreditation and compliance consultants have joined IHS, so that from top to bottom, the team is stacked with world-class experts in an ever-broadening array of accreditation and compliance arenas. IHS now provides accreditation consulting across all the accreditation programs for URAC, NCQA, VIPPS, and ACHC, and compliance services in HIPAA and Medicare Advantage.

Industry Leading Consultants

No firm of its type has a bench as deep as IHS. Our commitment to top-quality consulting services has attracted the most experienced team in the industry.

Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Thomas G. Goddard, PhD, JD, the founder and CEO of Integral Healthcare Solutions, has more than 35 years of experience in law, health, insurance policy research, and management consulting. His practice focuses on helping healthcare and pharmacy-related organizations with accreditation, particularly URAC, NCQA, VIPPS, and ACHC, as well as healthcare compliance issues. In the last decade, Dr. Goddard has participated as a consultant in over 200 accreditation processes with applicants accreditation.

Before going into health care consulting, Dr. Goddard was Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of URAC. While at URAC and more recently as a consultant to URAC, he served on accreditation review teams of more than 200 HMOs, PPOs, and health Web sites. In addition, Dr. Goddard served as the Project Manager in URAC's successful effort to obtain deemed status as an accreditation organization (AO) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Dr. Goddard also has served as:

  • Vice President and General Counsel of NYLCare Health Plans of the Mid-Atlantic;
  • Counsel for Government and Media Relations for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners;
  • President and CEO of the Goddard Public Affairs Corporation; and
  • Executive Director of the Alliance for Consumer Rights.

Dr. Goddard received his B.A. in political science, his law degree from the University of Arizona, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from George Mason University. His doctoral dissertation was on physician decision-making.

Contact Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD:

(202) 649-0321

Lesley Malus Reed, MHSA, President

Lesley Malus Reed, MHSA, President of Integral Healthcare Solutions, has served as accreditation reviewer and/or consultant to more than 250 healthcare entities. Her focus is in the areas of quality improvement, network management, credentialing, customer service, and information systems. She is one of the nation’s leading experts in provider credentialing and has extensive experience in restructuring and organizing departments. 

Before joining Integral Healthcare Solutions in 2003, Ms. Malus Reed served as Manager of URAC's HMO, PPO, Credentials Verification Organization and Worker’s Compensation Network accreditation programs. In that capacity, she was an active participant in standards development, applicant education, and government relations. 

Ms. Malus Reed also worked in the Canadian Health Care system, where she played a key role in the merger of the first department of McGill’s five teaching hospitals. Ms. Malus Reed also worked for Aetna of the Mid-Atlantic, working in information systems with an emphasis on statistical data tracking and trending, network management, contracting, quality management and credentialing. 

Ms. Malus Reed’s graduate degree is a Masters in Health Services Administration, with a specialty in hospital mergers. 

Contact Lesley Malus Reed, MHSA:

(703) 244-4338

Susan DeMarino, RN, MSHS, CPHQ, RNC, Chief Clinical Officer

Susan DeMarino, RN, MSHS, CPHQ, RNC, has more than 36 years of experience in the health care industry. In her 16 years at URAC Ms. DeMarino served in various roles, including Reviewer, Director, Vice President of Accreditation, and Strategic Planning Advisor. She also chaired the Quality Committee of URAC for 2 years and was a Quality Committee member for an additional four years. 

Prior to joining URAC, Ms. DeMarino worked at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh for 11 years. She worked in critical care step-down, oncology protocol, and case management, both as a case manager and as the Director of the case management department. Her experience also includes serving as the Director of Nursing at a neurological hospital and a Corporate Director of Professional Services at a home health agency. 

Ms. DeMarino has a Masters in Health Care and a Bachelors degree in Nursing. She has been a certified case manager for 16 years (RNC) and is a certified professional in health care quality (CPHQ). 

Contact Susan DeMarino, RN, MSHS, CPHQ, RNC:

(724) 216-5211 / (724) 972-6938

Sanalynn Wrigley, BA, Chief Operating Officer

Sana Wrigley joined the Integral Health Solutions team in 2011 as an Administrative Assistant with 8 years of experience in that field. She learned the ins and outs of accreditation while working to finish her BA degree from Goddard College, which she successfully completed in the spring of 2014. Proficient in all things technological and organizational, she has served in nearly every capacity in the company as it has grown.

As Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Wrigley oversees a variety of functions, including:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Client Relations
  • Compliance
  • Administrative Services

Contact Sanalynn Wrigley, BA:

(845) 282-5310

Judy Coon, RPh, CPh, CGP, Senior Pharmacy Consultant

A veteran pharmacist and pharmacy accreditation reviewer, Judy Coon has served as a lead reviewer for URAC specialty pharmacy accreditations. In this role, she has conducted both onsite validation reviews and desktop reviews for URAC.

Ms. Coon has also overseen clinical and consultant pharmacist services for a long-term care consulting company. In this role, she has provided oversight of policy and procedure development and implementation for pharmacy service providers. She also has developed standards for clinical pharmacy services and provided training for consultant pharmacists.

Previously, at a variety of pharmacies, Ms. Coon served as

  • Director of Pharmacy Operations;
  • Director of Clinical Services and Pharmacist in Charge of pharmacy operations and clinical services in senior care pharmacies; and
  • Consultant and Staff Pharmacist.

Contact Judy Coon, RPh, CPh, CGP:


Cynthia Whitaker, RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ, Senior Clinical Consultant

Cynthia graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors Degree from the Registered Nursing program as a Summa Cum Laude. She was awarded a Dean’s Fellowship to the Graduate School of Nursing.

Cynthia spent several years working in a small rural hospital in Michigan, primarily specializing in Medical-Surgical Nursing and worked as a Team Leader and Charge Nurse, and took her time working in the Emergency Department.

Cynthia left clinical nursing to take a position as a Workers’ Compensation Case Manager with a national insurance company, and left there after several years to open her own case management company in northern California, specializing in disability management. After 12 years building the business from a single owner/operator to a corporation with 2 sites in California with 12 nurses and 4 non-clinical staff, she sold that business and tried retirement with her husband on the Pacific Beach of Costa Rica. Bored by retirement, Cynthia and her husband moved to Montana’s Rocky Mountains where she began a consulting business for health care companies seeking URAC accreditation.

Six years later, she was hired by URAC and as a Clinical Accreditation Reviewer. In that position, Cynthia was responsible for conducting desktop reviews, post-desktop review conference calls, and onsite validation reviews. She worked for URAC in this position for several years and was then promoted to the position of Accreditation Compliance Reviewer and was thus responsible for the same duties as a Clinical Accreditation Reviewer, but also for investigating complaints against URAC-accredited organizations. Cynthia worked for URAC for nearly 10 years before retiring from URAC and beginning consulting again for companies seeking URAC accreditation.

Cynthia is a Certified Case Manager and a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.

Contact Cynthia Whitaker, RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ:


Evelyn B. Burde,BSN, MBA, Associate Consultant

For nearly 20 years, Evelyn Burde has brought her blend of nursing and business experience to a variety of settings in the managed care and healthcare provider worlds. She has served as a clinical nurse and as a nurse coordinator in hospital, long-term care, and home health settings. In addition, she served as a claims examiner for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and a senior healthcare consultant specializing in Medicare and physician practice operations. More recently, she served as coordinator of clinical resource management at a major university medical center, where she coordinated medical management, QA, and risk management programs.

She gained extensive experience in utilization management and patient care management. At that same medical center, she was promoted to a position from which she oversaw the clinical resource management program, including allocation of personnel to cover all clinical services at the medical center and the integration of the social work department. She also developed and implemented a case management information system and handled appeals of denials by third party payors. Ms. Burde also has recent experience working at a health care services company that automates the insurance claim reimbursement process for consumers. Her experience there included the development of coding, billing, and reimbursement materials for staff and customers, as well as testing solutions for potential customers.

Contact Evelyn B. Burde,BSN, MBA:

Jeffrey L. Sutch, Associate Consultant

After serving his country in the United States Air Force as a Non Commissioned Officer in the area of logistics, Jeffrey Sutch entered the world of Healthcare Administration in 1991 for a small Third Party Administrator in Florida. Since 2002 Mr. Sutch has acquired a broad knowledge in the arena of Medicare Advantage operational regulatory adherence including: customer service, claims adjudication, risk assessment and management, auditing and monitoring, policies and procedures, training, grievance and appeals, Special Needs Plans (SNP), sales and marketing, provider oversight, and project management.

Mr. Sutch has extensive experience with State and Federal regulatory auditing requirements and brings strategic solutions to the prevention and mitigation of potential government sanctioning.

Contact Jeffrey L. Sutch:


Diane Blair Williams, MSHCA, BSN, Senior NCQA Consultant

A nurse for nearly 30 years, Diane Williams has worked in the world of managed care quality improvement since the late 1980s. An NCQA surveyor since 1995, she has expertise in the following NCQA accreditation and certification products: HP, HIP, DM, CVO, SNP, MBHO, Quality Plus, OC, POC, NHP, and WHP. 

Ms. Williams received her Bachelor's degree in nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University, and her Masters of Science in Health Care Administration from Trinity University. In addition to her work with NCQA, she has served as Editor in Chief of Lippincott’s Case Management: Managing the Process of Patient Care, Manager of Utilization and Case Management Services for Aetna Health Plans, Associate Manager Medical Services and Quality Improvement for The Prudential Insurance Company of America, and a nurse in the U.S. Army Nurse Corp. 

Ms. Williams has published articles on disease management, case management, and managed care accreditation since the early 1990s.

Contact Diane Blair Williams, MSHCA, BSN:

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