Core 4.0 Pre-release

C-PMI 1-1: Quality Management Program Scope

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

Your organization must implement a quality management ("QM") program that:

  • applies to the functions within the scope of the present URAC accreditation application;
  • establishes quantifiable goals for improvement;
  • addresses the design and implementation of interventions to advance toward those improvement goals; and
  • makes clear the scope and goals of the organization's QM program.

Management Tips

The key to compliance with this standard is the development of a robust and detailed QM program description. That document should emphasize the essential elements of this standard's requirements, that is:

  • QM program scope;
  • Quantifiable goals; and
  • Strategies to achieve goals.
Through this and the following standards, URAC makes clear its expectation that your organization's QM program be rooted in measurable performance indicators and realistic interventions designed to improve performance as measured by those indicators. 

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
Submit your QM program description (which may be one or a series of documents). We also recommend submitting committee minutes demonstrating its review and approval by the QM Committee.
Validation Review
The reviewer will talk with staff and management personnel involved in the implementation of the QM program.
Document review
The reviewer will review QM Committee minutes, reports to the QM Committee, and other documents describing your organization's QM activities.

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