Core 4.0 Pre-release

C-PMI 1-2: Quality Management Program Structure and Oversight

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

Your organization must have a quality management committee ("QMC") that performs the following functions:

  • overseeing and guiding the QM program;
  • keeping tabs on the organization's progress in meeting its QM goals;
  • guides the staff on meeting the organization's QM goals;
  • approves the quality improvement projects ("QIPs"); and 
  • conducts a periodic evaluation of how effective the QM program is.
The QMC should be comprised of content experts as appropriate to the scope of the QM program and the current accreditation application. 

Management Tips

Naturally, the QMC need not be called "quality management committee": a QMC by any other name is still a QMC, at least as far as URAC is concerned. 
While you may staff the QMC exclusively with staffers, you may need to consider bringing in outside experts to ensure the presence of "content experts" as required by this standard. 
In addition to QIPs, the QMC should have a hand in the design, implementation, and oversight of Corrective Action Plans.
Be sure your QMC minutes describe the department affiliation of each attendee.

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
Submit the QM Program Description, which, presumably, describes the composition and activities of the QMC. We also recommend that you submit one or two examples of QMC committee meeting minutes and/or quality dashboards.
Validation Review
The reviewer will talk with both leadership and staff about the organization's QM program and the functioning of the QMC.
Document review
The reviewer will review in some detail the QMC's meeting minutes to see documented evidence that your committee complies fully with this standard's composition and activity requirements. If you have a QM dashboard, the reviewer will examine that, as well.

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