Core 3.4

CORE 36 - Coordination with External Entities

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

This standard requires that your organization have effective mechanisms to promote collaboration and communication with external organizations in order to coordinate health services of your consumers. This might look like sharing applicable information with contracted vendors, community agencies, etc. Not all of your clients may allow you to do this, so you only be required to have this process where you have permission.

Management Tips

We recommend that you develop policies and procedures that guide your interaction with contracted vendors and community agencies. URAC asks that you include examples in your P+P to describe how you do so.  

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
For the desktop review, you need submit only your policies and procedures describing how you share information and coordinate care with external entities.
Validation Review
During the on-site review, the reviewer will keep an eye out and his/her review of case documentation for examples of coordination with external entities. In addition, he/she might ask members of the staff to talk about coordination processes.

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