Core 3.4

CORE 37 - Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

This standard requires that your organization implements a mechanism to inform consumers of rights and responsibilities relating to your services. That mechanism should include specific guidelines for how and when the organization will advise consumers of those rights. As a member of the staff, it will be incumbent upon you to know what your organization's policies and timelines contemplate regarding this notice.

Management Tips

As you develop your policies and procedures around this, you have a good deal of flexibility. URAC as a general preference, expressed in other standards, for multi-modal communications. So, you may want to consider website, regular mail, or e-mail as modes of communication.
This standard will not apply to organizations that have no interface with any consumers.

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
For the desktop review phase, submit your policies and procedures describing your modes of distributing consumer rights and responsibilities. In addition, you can submit sample newsletters or screenshots of Web pages.
Validation Review
The reviewer will interview members of the staff who are responsible for sharing with consumers their rights and responsibilities, whether via telephone, in-person, or in consumer materials (printed or Web site).
Document Review
The reviewer also will examine documents demonstrating implementation of your policies under this standard. Be prepared to demonstrate that consumers have received information about their rights and responsibilities.

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