Specialty Pharmacy (4.0) 4.0

P-PSC 3-3: Clinical Communication Services

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

Under this standard, the pharmacy must have documentation of the implementation of written policies to:

  • Handle clinical calls 24/7;
  • Timely respond to clinical communications;
  • Counsel patients on request;
  • Clearly spell out the process of escalating issues to a clinician.

Management Tips

Your P&P and staff training addressing these issues should provide staff members with clear guidance on all elements addressed by the standard. Also, be sure to work with your compliance department to make sure your policies are compliant with state regulations, which sometimes establish their own requirements about support services.

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
URAC will want you to submit your policies and procedures describing your consumer and prescriber support services. In addition, submit training materials for staff that address patient/prescriber support services. Finally, submit documentation demonstrating that you make your hours of operation available to consumers and prescribers.
Validation Review
The reviewer will interview your staff. The accreditation guide suggests that this is all that the reviewer will do during the validation review, but the staff should be prepared in case the reviewer(s) select call records from a log you provide during the onsite review or examine complaints selected from your complaint log.

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