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RM 2-2: Pharmacy Emergency Management Plan

Submited by: Tom Goddard

The Basics

This standard requires that your business continuity plan describe an emergency management system that addresses how the organization will distribute medications in the event of an emergency. The description of the process in your plan must address the organization's facilities, its services, and its products in some detail. As was the case in the previous standard, the documents must describe the impact of an emergency on the organization’s medication description program.

"Emergencies" includes natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other such events that disrupt the distribution of medications to consumers.

Management Tips

The primary challenge for the management of this standard is to be sufficiently comprehensive in your documentation of your emergency risk assessment. Be sure to include all dimensions of your organization (buildings, activities, medications).

It will be essential that your policy includes how your organization will communicate with consumers and claimants about how to access medications should the emergency events covered by this standard happen.

Do not overlook this requirement, that your policies address, distinctly:

  • Facilities
  • Services
  • Products

Accreditation Tips

Desktop Review
Submit your medication emergency management plan documentation, both in the form of policies and other documents. If your emergency management plan documentation is massive, provide relevant portions of it, and perhaps a table of contents, to give the reviewer a full sense of the scope and level of detail of your plan.
Validation Review
URAC’s Accreditation Guide for this standard claims that there will be no assessment of compliance with this standard during the Validation Review. Just in case there is, we recommend that your IT management and staff is prepared to discuss your emergency management plan.

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