In today’s fast-paced world, it’s time to bring training and project management online.

IHS is committed to bring 21st Century technology to every aspect of every consulting engagement. We provide our clients with this advanced approach through two major online applications, the Goldfinch Accreditation Management System and AccrediTrain. These two revolutionary applications have been designed specifically to address the two major issues faced by applicants for accreditation -- managing the complexity of the accreditation process and training the organization's employees in the applicable accreditation standards. No other healthcare and pharmacy accreditation consulting firm has anything remotely comparable to these two leading edge applications    

The Goldfinch Accreditation Management System

The Goldfinch Accreditation Management System ("Goldfinch") puts the entire accreditation process at your fingertips. All of the standards, interpretive information and videos, documentary requirements, template polices, and personal guidance from experts in each standard are in one place. When you're ready for our experts to evaluate the documents you want to submit to the accreditor, upload your documents to Goldfinch and click a button to get the desktop review process started. 

All phases of the accreditation process -- Gap Analysis, Mock Desktop Review, Mock Verification Review, Request for Information -- are housed in Goldfinch. The Project Dashboard will keep you up-to-date on your progress. Real-time reports are available at every step of the way. All your communications with our experts are housed on a standard-by-standard basis, so you can track the discussion about a standard right there where the standard itself is housed, without having to search through your email inbox.

AccrediTrain - Role-Specific Accreditation Training for Your Staff

IHS developed AccrediTrain to address our clients' need to train their staff members in the applicable accreditation standards.

Some accreditation organizations, like URAC, have a specific standard requiring such training. In other cases, while not required, it is essential to full implementation of accreditation requirements that an organization's employees be trained in the applicable standards.

Using the roles played by each employee as a guide, AccrediTrain delivers to each employee training on only those standards applicable to that employee's role. The quality staff members get training in quality training, medical management staff members receive training only in medical management. No more paging through the standards that are irrelevant to each employee's job.

Training through this system is provided at a fee of $35 per seat for non-clients. Pricing for IHS's clients is as follows:

  • $30/seat for employees number 1-50
  • $25/seat for employees number 51-250
  • $20/seat for employees beyond 250

Non-clients are welcome to click the button below and begin training. Clients should contact their Lead Consultant to arrange for training with client pricing.

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